Southern Regional Technical College

Bainbridge, Georgia                       

Scope: Southern Regional Technical College has campuses in Tifton, Moultrie, Thomasville and now Bainbridge, Georgia
after the transition of Bainbridge State College over to the Southern Regional Technical College brand. Several
years prior the University of Georgia system began to consolidate smaller institutions into regionally larger systems
as a way to improve the overall quality of education. As a result of that consolidation Southern Regional Technical
College was born and with that came the need for new branding at all of the facilities. ANS Signs, Inc. was the go
to organization to assist with that branding change.

This scope was of a enormous size and took a couple of years to complete as the schedule of each school to
transition was different. The bulk majority of the sign program consisted of large monument signs with electronic
message centers, directional signs, custom building logos and interior signage. Each school provided it’s own
unique challenge due to geography, existing structures and municipality regulations.

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